Why Safe-T-WhipTM?

Designed and made in Canada. Extreme climate tested.

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Ships World Wide


Made in Canada

True North

Extreme temperature tested

Light, Fast, Simple and Secure Assembly

Safe-T-WhipTM is a safety restraint system for pressurized pipe fittings designed to be portable, durable, and above all safe to use in all temperatures and enviroments. All Safe-T-Whip restraints and anchors have been tested and CI-1500B certified.

Anchors, Whips and Continuous restraint lengths can be easily combined to accomodate end-to-end safety, in the event of catastrophic failure, for pressurized flowlines, swivels and joints.


Stores and transports in a hockey bag


Combine short and long sections to fit any job


Unique serialization on every restraint tag

Simple Inspection and Storage

Simple Re-certification

Safe-T-Whip & Restraints Inc. makes the process of annual re-certification simple. The light weight system is easy to ship, inspect, re-furbish if necessary and re-certify. All individual safety documents are updated and maintained for you, through the unique serial number each restraint is tagged with, and backed-up on our database.

Easy to Store

Light weight, easy to store in a hockey bag or light duty case. Roll them up, wrap them up, stuff them, pressure wash, even blow them up, they are designed to make handling and storage simple.

Meets Rigorous Standards Worldwide Durable & Long-Lasting

All sections of Safe-T-Whip restraints are made HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) 12 strand rope, originally created for its durability in the salt-water marine environment, now adapted by Safe-T-Whip for use in the extreme hot and cold Canadian oilfield environment. It is a fibre that has high strength to weight ratio and low stretch characteristics, with good abrasion resistance and tension-to-tension fatigue life.


Pressure washable, oil resistant

Corrosion Resistant

Non-corrosive, safe for oil fields

Temperature Resistant

Tested for extreme Canadian winters


Sunlight UV-ray resistant

Chemical Resistant

Unaffected by chemical spills

Safe-T-Whip A-HD-01
Safe-T-Whip A-RD-01
Safe-T-Whip HD-01
Safe-T-Whip HD-04L
Safe-T-Whip HD-04S
Safe-T-Whip RD-01
Safe-T-Whip RD-02-L
Safe-T-Whip RD-02-S
Safe-T-Whip RD-2-01

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