Rent. Purchase.

Each Safe-T-WhipTM Safety Restraint System is available in both regular and heavy duty versions for rent or purchase.

Easily packed into totes or light cases, Safe-T-Whip restraints can be transported to even the least accessible worksites, assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

Designed to maximize safety requirements, with the minimum effort and expense.

  • Fast turn around
  • Light weight
  • Cost effective
  • Safe
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Ships World Wide


Made in Canada

True North

Extreme temperature tested

Why Rent a Safe-T-WhipTM System

Let us provide you with a maintenance free solution, by renting a full line of Safe-T-Whip restraints, that are pre-inspected, certified and delivered to a set budget. Perfect to trying out the system or for short term projects.

You have the option to have one of our team of certified installers assemble the system for you as a complete turn-key project, or have us train one of your own team, through our Safe-T-Whip certification process, so you can assemble or dis-assemble the system as you need, to suit your own timelines.

We provide Long and short-term rental plans that are available throughout Canada directly from Safe-T-Whip & Restraints Inc. or through one of our approved and certified suppliers.

Easy access to our system is our safety goal for you. Let us know what your project requirements are, and we will ensure we provide you with the best solution, in the fastest and easiest way possible, no matter how large or small the number of restraint lengths you need.


Stores and transports in a hockey bag


Two lengths to suit a combination of job requirements


Individual serialization tags

Why Purchase a Safe-T-WhipTM System

For multiple and long-term projects, the decision to buy versus rent can become a more economical solution, ensuring you always have control over your job sites and projects without any delays.

Having members of your own team certified to instal the Safe-T-Whip retraint system, gives you the option to rent or purchase as the project needs change. Owning gives you your own inventory to draw from, and no need for off-site suppliers to draw upon.

The durability of the Safe-T-Whip system, and ease of storage for moving from site-to-site, ensures your investment is protected for many years to come.

With every purchase comes a full certified Safe-T-Whip training program on the uses, maintenance, installation and storage of the system. However Safe-T-Whip experts are always available if, for any reason, you need an extra person to instruct, assemble or dis-assemble any given project.

Safe-T-Whip & Restraints Inc. can provide direct shipping quickly and easily throughout Canada, and the world, because of the light weight nature of the system it makes for economical transportation.

Safe-T-Whip & Restraints Inc. now offers inhouse financing on all new projects giving you even easier ways to purchase your own complete safety restraint system.

Protect your worksite, your hardware and your work force with a Safe-T-Whip Restraint system, while ensuring compliance with work safety regulations.

Safe-T-WhipTM Recertification

Annual Re-certification Process made easy

The light weight nature of the Safe-T-Whip Restrain system, allows for the ease of shipping to our re-certification centers inexpensive, and hassel-free.

The process provides serialized registered documentation, visual inspection, strength test, and a renewed safety certificate for each restraint. Each restraint then has a heavy duty vinyl inspection tag, that is stamped with the new inspection date, zip-tied to the restraint for safety inspectors.

All documantation data is kept backed-up for you, so you don’t have to worry about it on site.

Note: Re-certification is only required on the soft rope restraints, not the hard carabiners and shackles.

Inspection Tag

Safe-T-Whip & Restraints Inc. maintains a data base of all serialized restraints, their purchase dates, and re-certification status dates.

Each restraint has an individual serial number that can be looked up quickly, and its status reported on by either a phone call, or email. Certificates can be re-issued quickly should compliance or safety inspectors require them.

Safe-T-Whip & Restraints Inc. takes the effort out of safety compliance, giving you peace of mind and full back-up.

Safe-T-Whip A-HD-01
Safe-T-Whip A-RD-01
Safe-T-Whip HD-01
Safe-T-Whip HD-04L
Safe-T-Whip HD-04S
Safe-T-Whip RD-01
Safe-T-Whip RD-02-L
Safe-T-Whip RD-02-S
Safe-T-Whip RD-2-01